Venture Capital:


We help connect to and support the disruptive startup’s strategic and tactical fundraising steps, provide value through insights, and enhance decision making capabilities. With Our valuable investor network, startup founders will find best solution to be in touch with appropriate investors, venture funds, capital partners, around the world. We are covering european zone, US and specially silicon valley sector, asian countinent, Africa and Middle East. Our Extensive experience in investor relation allow us getting more closer for a happy match to your innovative business.



e are committed to entrepreuneurship! We help startups and investment project promoters to reach their fundraising goals, our services focus on selecting right investors, funds, capital venture firms and private investors willing to take part to the investment adventure. With our extensive worldwide network, we bring to your project a new vision to prepare well the funding project. Our coaching programm could include training sessions and strategic advice to adjust your compaign with better strandards and innovative methods.


Visionnary Financial Consulting


Investment strategies


nvestment consultants, unlike brokers, does more in-depth work on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and goals.

Long-term investment planning


e help investors with their long-term investment planning.

Retirement management


e help making retirement plan more manageable through a customized, consultative approach for all parties.

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