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International consulting firm working in finance, investments and mega projects mounts. Achievement of expertise and studies on behalf of international investors in industrial projects ,
infrastructure projects, EnergyUtilities, sustainable development , renewable energy and new technologies.

Vifco is also giving advisory services related to private equity transaxtions, Merger and Aquisition deals and expertise in alternative financing for startups and SMEsspecially in fundraising strategy. We provide also high end expertise on PPP : Public / private partnerships projects for both public and private sector sides.
Vifco team provides also International expertise in Finance , Risk Management Reports , Public relations assistance, investment strategy for rising companies and emerging governments.


3156 Investors Network

560 Startups Network

568 Fundraising Deals

32 Mega Projects

2330650000 $ Projects Portfolio


rganizations are looking for their CFOs and finance executives to advise on business strategy in ways that drive the enterprise to create and capture more value and leverage analytics. We work with CFOs to gather, interpret, and deliver the insights that shape timely and smart decisions. We can help you build a finely balanced set of innovative capabilities across strategy, operations, analytics, performance management, talent and reporting.

Public Private Partnership

Through in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in transactions, financing and policy at the public-private interface, we provide efficient consulting services. We provide consultation in various aspects within the PPP framework, ranging from raising funds for infrastructure projects to procuring private sector partners for our public sector clients. Through raising funding for infrastructure projects and procuring private sector partners for our public sector clients, we deliver solutions that fund new roads, upgrade housing, build schools, modernise hospitals, improve rail services, and regenerate communities. Our experience and local knowledge enable us to deliver the integrated strategies and services our clients require. We help governments to shape their policy, develope frameworks and implement PPPs, industry by industry. We reconcile investors' need for profit with the requirements of Government for political and financial transparency. We engineer a competitive bidding process. We help private sector bidders to develop structures that allow them to access local and international funds.

Our skillsOur goal is to serve you with the best of our tools and skills

Private Equity
Alternative fundings
Financial market
Mega Projects
Public policy


Visionnary Financial Consulting


Investment strategies


nvestment consultants, unlike brokers, does more in-depth work on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and goals.

Long-term investment planning


e help investors with their long-term investment planning.

Retirement management


e help making retirement plan more manageable through a customized, consultative approach for all parties.

About Vifco


International consulting firm working in consulting in finance and investments and mega projects mounts.

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